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Reminder Thursday Night Premiere

Dear Friends,

A full schedule is planned this week–fall plantings, the premiere of The Butterfly Garden at Willowdale, and my lecture in New Hampshire. Rather than cooking half the night away, I planned ahead and spent the weekend making lots of treats for Thursday’s premiere. I hope you can come!!

Thursday morning’s lecture in Amherst, Butterfly Gardening, promises to be a joyful, and informative, program. This summer my Fujifilm x100 gave me many new photos that I can include in my lecture series and I couldn’t resist creating an entirely new slide show. I sorted though thousands of new photos over the weekend. And now, to tackle the video footage shot this summer and autumn—a daunting task ahead, but one I am sure will be  rewarding!

I hope you are warm and cozy and not without power. Sixty-degree temperatures are predicted for the weekend! New England weather—so very predictably unpredictable!

Warmest wishes, Kim

 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Willowdale Estate

Oriental Lily Casa Blanca

Monarch Butterfly Emerging from Chrysalis

Black Swallowtail Pooping and Eating Fennel Simultaneously

Black Swallowtail Newly Pupated, Discarded Skin-Caught Mid-air!

Jay Geils Revue at the Shalin Liu

Jay Geils Revue featuring Doug Bell  (Bellevue Cadillac) at the Shalin Liu

Jay Geils, Doug Bell, Gerry Beaudoin 

The musicians were sensational—Jay Geil’s guitar mesmerizing and Doug Bell and Gerry Beaudoin not only fabulously talented musicians, but also super fantastic showman. The Jay Geils Revue is a power house of talent and they put on a great show. Doug, Jay, and Gerry were performing on the most gorgeous vintage guitars.

Doug Bell and Gerry Beaudoin


To members and non-members alike, Cape Ann TV is offering two free workshops during the month of November.  Membership at CATV is only $20.00 annually. What membership today costs 20.00???? My membership has proven invaluable. I highly recommend becoming a member of CATV for anyone interested in improving their video communication skills, for example and including, editing, audio, production—you name it—and the knowledgeable and wonderfully helpful staff at CATV will help you achieve your goals.

The workshops are taught by Barry O’Brien of North Shore Communications Group and Andrew Love, Cape Ann TV Production Coordinator.

“Secrets of Recording Professional Audio” When: Thursday November 10th, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm Where: Cape Ann TV, 38 Blackburn Center Questions: 978-281-2443 or email Andrew Love at

“Keyframing in Final Cut Pro” When: Tuesday November 15th, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm Where: Cape Ann TV, 38 Blackburn Center Questions: 978-281-2443 or email Andrew Love at

Workshop descriptions from Andrew; read more:

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Save the Date: Thursday Evening, November 3rd

Come join us Thursday, November 3rd, at 7:00 pm at the Friend Room of the Sawyer Free Library for the premiere of my new series of video specials titled Through the Garden Gate, featuring “The Butterfly Garden at Willowdale Estate.”  The event is free and open to the public and refreshments will be served. I hope you can come!

Premiere Sponsored by the Sawyer Free Library

Just a few of the many butterflies, and their nectar plants and native host plants, featured in The Butterfly Garden at Willowdale Estate:

Monarch Butterfly and Verbena bonariensis

Native Redbud, a Larval Host Plant for the Henry’s Elfin Butterfly

Beautiful Violet-Magenta Pea-shaped Blossoms of the Native Redbud

Native ‘Annabelle’ Hydrangea and the Red-spotted Purple Butterfly

Sundown, Moonrise, Sunup

Columbus Day weekend ~ Looking for butterflies on Eastern Point and videotaping the sun setting as the moon was rising. I passed Niles Pond on the drive home and stopped to admire the moonglow over the water. The following dawn brought flaming red skies, a cygnet plaintively searching for its family, and a startlingly large (at least 2 feet in height) Black-crowned Night Heron. Quawking loudly as the sun began to rise, there were a half dozen more night herons roosting in a nearby tree.

Blooming Today in My Garden

In the garden of mid-Ocotober’s dissipating beauty ~

Black Swallowtail Butterfly and Fennel


Zucchini Blossom

Toad Lily

Calico Aster

Rudbeckia and Smooth Aster

Monarch Butterfly and Smooth Aster

Sheffield and Korean Daisies

Moonflowers and Cardinal Climber

Gaura lindheimeri ‘Siskiyou Pink’

‘Endless Summer’ Hydrangea and Sargent’s Crabapple

‘Annabelle’ Hydrangea and Winterberry


Morning Glories


And the fabulously fragrant remontant roses ‘Souvenir de Victor Landeau’ and’Aloha’

Souvenir de Victor Landeau


Free Marsh Milkweed Seeds

Available while supplies last!

Plant this,

which will lead to this,

which will give you this!

Monarch Butterfly Nectaring at Marsh Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) 

Monarch Butterfly Nectaring at Smooth Aster Fall 2011

Upcoming Programs

Happy Columbus Day!

The gorgeous weather coinciding with the long weekend is a gift and I am trying to enjoy every spare moment, spending time with my family along with taking advantage of the added opportunity to film more “B” roll for video projects. While photographing at Good Harbor Beach late in the day yesterday afternoon two Monarchs heading south flew past. There is a little passel traveling through Gloucester this weekend, along with a host of yellow sulphurs. Look for the butterflies on asters and seaside goldenrod.

I am delighted to tell you about several of my upcoming fall programs:

Wednesday, October12th, 6:30 Lexington Field and Garden Club  Annual Meeting at the National Heritage Museum ~  The Pollinator Garden

Thursday, November 3rd, 10:30 Amherst , NH Garden ClubButterfly Gardening

Guests are welcome to attend!

Getting ready to make the fabulous Ken Duckworth’s Lobster Risotto!

Warmest wishes,


Fresh off the boat lobsters from Captain Joe and Sons

Gloucester Harbor Day’s End

Views from Eastern Point and Raymond’s Beach with wildflowers Smooth Aster, Common Milkweed, and Seaside Goldenrod. Time lapse of Seven Seas Navigator cruise ship turning in the harbor.

Click on panorama and horizontal photo to see full photo. WordPress distorts horizontally oriented images.

Raymond’s Beach Gloucester

Tom Hauck Letter to the Editor Published in Time Magazine

Mom Liked Him Best

In response to last week’s featured story in Time Magazine, “Playing Favorites” by Jeffrey Kluger [October 3], husband Tom Hauck’s letter is published in this week’s issue:

I empathize with Kluger. But extrapolating his experience to all families is conjecture, not science. I am one of three siblings as well as a parent. I cannot remember one instance of favoritism shown by my parents to any of their children. Likewise, my wife and I love both of our children equally. Really, we do. For a black eagle, only one skill is necessary to survive–the ability to hunt and kill–so parents have every reason to favor their more robust offspring. But humans can survive and thrive using any number of skills, including reasoning, social skills and creativity, so your comparison is flawed. It’s entertaining to speculate about favoritism, but please do not call it science.